TROPIEXPORTS started activities in 2012, in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica.
Since the very beginning, we were specialized in the marketing of food products, such as fruits, vegetables and vegetables.
Over the years, we have added new product lines, in order to provide our international clients a complete solution to their needs. We have an excellent group, which are trained on an ongoing basis, in order to be updated on changes and technological innovation, quality and new varieties of fresh produce and market demands, which we get in this business.

Our main goal is to achieve continuous improvement in our activities, in order to provide a service that ensures delivery on time and efficiently, with corresponding advice, support and subsequent post-sales service.

The completion of the guidelines mentioned, force us to a strict application of our quality assurance manual and procedures, to achieve the ultimate goal, full satisfaction of our customers.

It is also important to note that our products are produced, processed and packaged to the highest quality standards, ensuring our customers a high level product.